Scops Elektrikli Longboard(kaykay) E1


The deck is produced from 9 layers of three different wooden papers with a special glue. Specially designed brake with a comfortable stop guarantee. Freedom is now in the palm of your hand for those who can't give up their active life, stylish travel lovers and those who value the planet. Brand new Scops electric skateboard is on sale....

Our products are produced using the strongest glues, plywood printed with beech, birch and maple papels.

Our decks do not have a composite interlayer and are completely organic.

Each deck undergoes extensive pressure tests before it reaches you. (1500 x 180kg and 10 x 350kg)


Length : 950mm
Max speed: 25km/h
Weight : 7.25kg
Engine : Brushless Motor(bldc)
Power : 380 watt
Distance : 21km (average 60kg rider)
Wheel Diameter : 90mm
Charge Duration  : 3 hours
Battery Power : 193.14 lithium-ion
Max Vertical Angle : %15
Ergonomic Mechanical Brake System
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